Darin speaks to ESCDAILY.com

Darin (MF 2010) speaks to ESCDAILY.com

With this year’s Melodifestivalen just weeks away, ESCDAILY.com caught up with Darin
who will be participating in the third semi final of this year’s competition with the song
‘You’re Out Of My Life’. Darin is currently one of Sweden’s best-selling singers with
numerous chart topping songs and music albums.

ESCDAILY.com: Hello Darin! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer
these questions for our readers at Escdaily.com Firstly, What made you realise
that you wanted to start a career in music?

Darin: I started singing when i was about 3 years old and have always known that I’ve
wanted to become an artist since then.

ESCDAILY.com: In 2004, You placed runner up in the first series of Idol,
does participating in Melodifestivalen make you feel the same pressure as you
did back then?

Darin: In some ways, but i think the pressure in Idol was a bit different, because it was just
in the beginning, and it was really important for me to make a good impression and to do
well to be able to start a carrier out of it afterwards.

ESCDAILY.com: You have been a rumored artist for Melodifestivalen for many years.
What made you feel that 2010 was the right year for you to participate?

Darin: It all started with the song. When i heard it i knew that i had to do it and it just felt right.

ESCDAILY.com: Are you a fan of Eurovision? If so, what are your Eurovision songs?

Darin: I’m not a an obsessed fan, but i’ve watched it of course and last year i thought that both
 “Is it true” and “Fairytale” were great!

ESCDAILY.com: Could you tell us a little bit about your entry ”You’re Out of My Life’?

Darin: I was hooked the first time i heard it. It has this magical feeling, it makes you feel the
lyrics and it’s a song that goes in to your heart. I also like the production. It’s a big sensitive
modern-produced ballad.

ESCDAILY.com: How are your preparations going? Have you decided on the stage
performance? Can you give anything away?

I haven’t really decided those things yet. I have some visions of it in my head, but nothing 
I can reveal yet.

ESCDAILY.com: Congratulations on your recent No.1 single in Sweden with ‘Viva La Vida’,
do you have any plans to release your music in other European countries?

Darin: Thank you very much! Yes, that’s what I’m aiming for right now and it would be like a
dream come true to be able to share my music with even more countries!

ESCDAILY.com: You have also duetted with the latin-american singer Kat deLuna for
the song “Breathing Your Love”. If you had to choose an artist to collaborate with,
who would it be?

Darin: Yes, I am a big fan of Kat DeLuna, so i was really happy and excited when i got the
opportunity to work and record the song and video for “Breathing your love” with her.
If I could choose one more artist to do a collaboration with i think I would pick Beyoncé,
she is amazing.

ESCDAILY.com: Thank you so much Darin for taking the time to answer these questions.
Lastly, Do you have a message for the readers of Escdaily.com?

Darin: Thank you! and I hope you’ll like the song “You’re out of my life”.


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